Nonna Snowden Cooks is the channel for people who love delicious food, unique recipes, irreverent humor, and helping others. We aim to provide delicious recipes, a side of mildly inappropriate humor, with a charity on top.

Some of my recipes have been handed down for generations in my family while others are my own invention (Bacon Pie Caken), and some are family recipes from guest cooks.We post a new recipe every Wednesday morning and love getting suggestions for future videos.

The YouTube Channel and this website are dedicated to a fabulous non-profit, Jump for the Rose. They organize skydiving events and raise money for the oldest and largest non-profit breast cancer treatment center in the Houston, TX area. 50% of all proceeds will go directly to Jump for the Rose!

Cook, Skydive, Have Fun, Give Back and hit that Subscribe button!
Nonna Snowden

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