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The Rose: Donate Now!

Dear Supporter,

As we near the end of 2019, we look back and see a heartbreaking increase in patients diagnosed with breast cancer. Even more heartbreaking is to witness many of these patients attempt to overcome breast cancer with heavy financial struggles.

At this time of year, it is more evident than ever that our responsibility to the community is crucial. With each donation, no matter how small, we are able to remove the unnecessary financial stress placed on our patients so they can focus on their strength to overcome this deadly disease and beat cancer!
Sponsor a woman this holiday season:

A Doctor’s Visit: $50
Screening Mammogram: $150
3D Mammogram: $250
Mammogram and Ultrasound: $500
Biopsy: $1,500
On behalf of the patients and families who are being sponsored through your giving, thank you for letting your donation be the gift of someone’s life. Sincerely,
Dorothy Gibbons
CEO & Co-Founder of The Rose

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Strawberry Moonshine

This week Nonna made Strawberry Moonshine! Why? Because it is not only delicious, but also because no good story ever started with a diet soda! The recipe is easy and the beverage is perfect for a friendly, yet fun filled get together with those old enough to drink (just remember to assign a designated driver)! You can find the written recipe on my website at www.nonnasnowdencooks.com. Nonna hopes you enjoy the video! 

Click here for the written recipe.

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Jump for The Rose: Cancer Info

Jump for The Rose updated the website’s Cancer Information page. Not only does this page provide information specific to breast cancer screenings (compliments of The Rose), it now provides cancer information from Texas Medicare (which is NOT specific to Texas, but encompasses medicare information that is applicable to everyone).

The first link is an in-depth guide about navigating the financial shoals of treating cancer. The guide help patients understand how to protect themselves financially. The link (published in Dec 2018) is provided here: The Ultimate Cancer Medicare Guide: What You Need To Know  https://texasmedicareplan.com/ultimate-cancer-medicare-guide/

The second link (published in June 2019) is updated and more comprehensive. It is a bit more geared towards seniors, but it still manages to reach a big audience.  You can access that information by clicking this link:  https://www.familyassets.com/cancer

Visit Jump for The Rose to get more information on breast cancer!

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