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Spaghetti & Meatballs

This sauce was passed down from Nonna’s Great Grandmother “Mama Tess,” who immigrated from Sciliy in 1903. In fact, several limbs of the family tree and Nonna’s children, also, make this sauce. Both among the family branches and within the 5th generation, there are very few recipe adaptations (and those aren’t worth mentioning!!!). Mama Tess’ living and cooking relatives, especially Nonna, hope you enjoy this as much as the family does!

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Stuffed Cabbage

Nonna Snowden made her Aunt Annette’s delicious stuffed cabbage recipe. The recipe originated in Hungary and has a new and tasty spice mixed in with some of Nonna’s tried and true favorites! Nonna turned this dish into a blend mixing a pinch of Aunt Annette’s Hungarian cooking, a smidge of Nonna’s Italian cooking, and ” ’bout dat much” good ol’ fashion cajun zing! Not only will the kids loves this dish, but it is easily turned into a low carb dinner!

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