Boudin Balls

Nonna made Boudin Balls. The question is WHAT did she use to make it? Watch the video to find out!

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Boudin Balls

  • Difficulty: Moderate - Several Steps
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    • 1 12-15lb pork butt
    • 3 jalapeño peppers
    • 2 green bell peppers
    • 1 large yellow onion
    • 4 celery sticks
    • 1 bunch green onions
    • 1 packet chicken livers
    • 1 can chicken broth
    • 2 cups white rice
    • AP flour
    • Bread Crumps (Nonna used Italian flavored)
    • 2 eggs
    • 1/4 cup milk
    • Dan Pastroni Garlic and Herbs Seasoning
    • Tony Chachere’s Cajun Seasonings (Gumbo Daddy Cajun Seasoning is better!)
    • Goyo Adobo
    • Jacobsen Chili Pepper Salt
    • AW Shit Seasonings (really that is the name)
    • LA Hot Sauce
    • Cajun Power Sauce
    • Vegetable Oil


    Pork Butt

    1. Chop and clean all vegetables. No need to chop into small pieces.
    2. Put port butt and all vegetables into crock pot.
    3. Add chicken livers to crock pot.
    4. Add chicken broth to the crock pot.
    5. Season per your preference and cook pork butt on low for 12-13 hours. (See Note 1)
    6. When the meat falls off the bone easily using a fork, the pork butt is done. Turn the crock pot off and let the meat and veggies cool.
    7. Cook 2 cups of white rice. You can use the liquid from the pork butt instead of water. Follow the rice’s cooking time and other directions.
    8. Grind the pork butt and all vegetables in a grinder. The meat doesn’t have to be finely ground up, but you do need to grind it.
    9. After the meat is ground up, drain the liquid, and mix in the rice.
    10. Taste the mixture and add seasonings as you see fit. (See Note 1)
    11. Combine the eggs and milk and mix thoroughly.
    12. Add some spices to the egg mixture.
    13. Put flour in a bowl.
    14. Put Bread Crumbs in a bowl.
    15. Ball up the pork butt and rice mixture. Dip the ball into the flour, then egg mixture, then the bread crumbs. Set the ball aside until you are ready to fry. You can make the balls bite size or larger.
    16. Heat vegetable oil.
    17. When the vegetable oil is hot, dip the boudin balls into the hot oil. As everything but the egg mixture is cooked all you need to do is to cook until golden brown. Nonna cooked her boudin balls 6 minutes.
    18. You can eat as soon as the balls cool or wait until they are room temperature or after they spend the night in the refrigerator.

Note 1: Nonna didn’t measure any spice added. She tasted the cooked pork butt and rice mixture and added whatever amount she wanted from the list above. You can use any spice you like, really. Flavor the meat to your tastes.

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