Asian-y Canjun-y Wontons!

Nonna made some wontons. She used salad shrimp, southern spices, and some of her homemade goat cheese. Watch the vid to see how Nonna throws this together!

Check out Nonna’s wontons. This recipe is a delicious Asian and Cajun blend!

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Aisan-y Cajun-y Wontons

  • Difficulty: Easy - Moderate
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    – 1-2 packages Goat Cheese (See Note 2 about measurements) – 1/3 cup(ish) Romano Cheese (grated) – 1/2 (ish) cabbage head (chopped) – 1/2 (ish) broccoli head (chopped) – 2 bags salad shrimp (peeled, cooked or not) – 1/4 garlic (minced) – Wonton wraps – Peanut oil (or vegetable oil) – Louisiana Hot Sauce – Cajun Power Garlic Sauce – Dan Pastorini’s Garlic and Herb Seasonings – Tony Charchere’s Seasoning (or Gumbo Daddy’s Seasoning) – Goya Adobo Seasoning


    1. Finely chop raw broccoli and cabbage. (See Note 2 about measurements)
    2. Mix goat cheese, romano cheese, cabbage, broccoli, and salad shrimp in large mixing bowl.
    3. Add spices. You can taste test IF the shrimp is pre-cooked. If the shrimp is not pre-cooked don’t taste test. Bottom line is add spices based on your known preferences.
    4. Prep the wonton wraps according to the package instructions. Nonna’s directions said to wet the wraps with water or egg wash. Nonna used water.
    5. Put a little cheese mix in the wonton wrap’s center and fold the wrap diagonally. Be careful not to over stuff the wrap. Pinch and fold the wrap as necessary so that it is closed. A meticulous hand can make the folds and wrap pretty. Nonna’s is not a meticulous hand, but her fold and pinch method was very effective.
    6. Heat peanut oil.
    7. Place a few stuffed wraps in a fry basket and lower into the hot oil. Do not over fill the basket. As the wraps fry use a fork to make sure they do not stick to the basket. Ultimately the wraps should float free. The video gives a good visual of this method.
    8. It does not take long for the wonton’s to cook (including any raw salad shrimp you may have used). Wrap’s are down when they are golden brown.
    9. When golden brown, remove wraps from oil, place on rack and let cool.
    10. Once cool, you can eat the wraps immediately or freeze and eat later. Simply, pull out of the freezer and microwave them for a short period. They are delicious either way!

Note 1: This recipe is fairly time consuming depending on how many wontons you fry. Over all it is an easy recipe, however, stuffing the wontons is a slow process.

Note 2: Nonna did not measure anything that went into the mixing bowl. She likes a little more cheese than veggies and so her mix was cheesy. She loves shrimp, thus, used 2 bags where one might have suited most people. She used enough broccoli and cabbage to improve the mixture’s overall texture (she didn’t want it too wet). She recommends you start with what ingredients you like and work your way through the list. Mix as you go until you have a mixture that is neither too wet nor too dry. It should lean (wet or dry) based your preferences.

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