Instant Pot: Frozen Chicken

Nonna made her little sister’s (Aunt Kristi) frozen chicken instant pot recipe. Aunt Kristi swears by the pressure cooker and loves this recipe as a quick and easy way to feed her large family when SOMEONE forgets to pull dinner out of the freezer as they all run out the door on their way to school or work in the morning!

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    • 4 Cups Chicken Broth
    • 1 medium to large or 2 small frozen Whole Chickens
    • Olive Oil
    • 1 Onion, large chopped
    • 1/4 cup minced Garlic
    • Dan Pastorini’s Garlic and Herb Seasonings
    • Gumbo Daddy Cajun Seasonings
    • Special Shit Seasonings
    • Jacobsen Garlic Salt
    • Olive Oil


    1. Mix seasonings (DP Garlic and Herb Seasonings, Gumbo Daddy Cajun Seasonings, Special Shit Seasonings, and Jacobsen Garlic salt) in a large shallow bowl or plate. (See Note 1)
    2. Rub the frozen chicken with olive oil. Make sure the oil is rubbed all over the chicken.
    3. Roll or rub the seasonings all over the chicken.
    4. Put the rack in the Instant Pot.
    5. Pour in the 4 cups of chicken broth into the Instant Pot.
    6. Add the onion and garlic to the pot.
    7. Place the chicken(s) on the rack and into the pot.
    8. Select “Meat Stew” button (or appropriate meat button – see instructions for your multi-cooker) for 40 minutes.
    9. Manually depressurize the pot when the timer is complete.
    10. Check the chicken to make sure it is cooked through. If it is not, place the chicken with some of the broth (from the pot) in the oven. Set oven to 400°. Cook for 10-20 minutes (check at 10 min intervals to prevent over cooking the chicken). (See Notes 2 & 3)

Note 1: Nonna has her favorite spices, but you can spice the chicken in any number of ways. Here are some spices you might like to try: lemon pepper, black and white pepper, paprika, chili powder.

Note 2: Times appear to vary depending on the size and type of multi-cooker being used (Chefman vs Fagor brands, for example). Read the time recommendations for your brand of multi-cooker. If the chicken is slightly undercooked, putting it in the oven as Nonna did is a very good way to make the skin crispy and finish cooking the chicken in a quick and easy manner.

Note 3:If the chicken is cooked, you still might want to put the chicken in the oven at 400° for 5-10 mins to make the skin crispy!

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