Super Bowl Snackage: Better than Cocktail Weenies!

One last Super Bowl Snack Recommendation. This is a simple and quick recipe and makes for a great treat. Nonna made these boneless ribs in the Instant Pot.

This is a very basic recipe. As such there is not written recipe. The steps Nonna took are as follows:

1. Brown the ribs with an onion and garlic. You can brown them using the sauté feature in the instant pot. However, Nonna used a skillet on the stove top.
2. Season the ribs with your favorite spices. Nonna used Dan Pastorini’s Texas Style Rub and Garlic and Herb Seasoning and Gumbo Daddy’s Cajun Seasonings. You can marinate the ribs in your favorite BBQ sauce over night if you desire. Seasonings is really up to you in this recipe.
3. Place ribs in the instant pot (on a rack).
4. Add 1 cup beef broth and additional spices (optional). Nonna added some hot sauce.
5. Cook meat in your instant pot. Use meat stew setting. Nonna set time for 15 minutes and depressurized it. However, you should check your multi-cooker’s instruction for cooking times.
6. Cut ribs into bite size chunks and serve!

The intention was to put all three keto friendly party snacks in one video, but Editor General Aunt Winkie made an artistic decision to put these in three different videos. 

There are 3 videos to the Super Bowl Snack Series. 7 Layer Dip, Crab Dip, and Boneless Ribs!

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